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4 Key Steps In Creating Your Dental Practice Marketing Plan

By the fourth quarter of the year you should begin the planning process of creating a marketing plan for your dental practice. A strategic marketing plan can truly help transform your practice. Rather than being reactive, you are proactively creating a roadmap for the year ahead. Denteo Marketing Group specializes in creating strategic marketing plans for dental practices in Northern Virginia and the surrounding DC metro area. Working with a experienced marketing consultant who is also a local market expert makes the planning process run very smoothly and seamlessly.

The following infographic lists some key high level areas of focus in regards to creating a marketing plan for for your dental practice. These areas of focus include:

1. Goal and Objective Setting

2. SWOT Analysis

3. Budget Development

4. Marketing Planning

Every dental practice is unique, that is why there is no cookie cutter or plug and play strategy to fit everyone. Denteo Marketing Group develops custom marketing strategies for your practice and your practice only. If you would like to set up consultation to find out more about creating a strategic marketing plan please contact me today! You'll want your strategy set before the start of the new year so do not delay, this is an investment that is critical for the success of your practice.


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