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Lights, Camera, Action--Should You Follow The Trend of Using Videos in Your Dental Practice?

Most dental practice owners and managers these days understand that video marketing can play a critical role in their dental marketing strategy. Most practices, though are behind on this trend or fall short in executing a consistent and cohesive strategy.

I joined Malika Azargoon, the Dental Zorro and Natasha Gillis, the Smiling Lawyer on their podcast Dental Bites to answer some important questions they had regarding video marketing for your dental practice. What are some best practices? How should you approach video in the time of a serious pandemic like COVID-19? What makes a video effective or ineffective? Listen on multiple platforms, from iTunes, Google Podcasts and Spotify to learn more.

If you have any questions about video marketing, need assistance in putting together a video or social media content strategy, or need help training your staff on these platforms I encourage you to reach out to me directly

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