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ABOUT Kat Azima

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Kat Azima is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Denteo Marketing Group. Kat brings Fortune 500 marketing best practices to DC metro area dentists and dental practices helping them develop their unique brand of dentistry, efficiently manage their marketing investments and increase their revenue.


Kat is a graduate of the University of Birmingham and Rutgers University. Kat has been marketing and brand building since 2003.  She began her career working for Johnson & Johnson in corporate communications, public relations and brand management supporting some well loved dental brands like REACH and ACT. Kat also worked for Avon Products at their New York City headquarters as a global associate brand manager and as a brand manager for Lansinoh Laboratories, the #1 breastfeeding accessories brand in the world. 

In 2011, Kat started her own broadly focused branding and marketing consultancy which culminated in specializing in the dental care industry. Today, Denteo Marketing Group is exclusively focused on dental practice marketing and helps drive new patient growth and revenue for Pediatric, Orthodontic and General and Cosmetic dental practices in the DC metro area. 

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