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Dental Marketing Strategy & Management 

A strategic marketing plan is the difference between being proactive versus reactive in your marketing efforts. A strategic dental marketing plan will help you plan out your investment and campaigns so they are integrated and help achieve all your goals. 

Competitive Analysis 

A competitive analysis is a critical part of your marketing plan.​ We work to identify your competitors and evaluate their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own dental practice.

Marketing Audit 
A marketing audit a comprehensive and systematic examination of your dental practice's marketing environment, objectives, strategies, and activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action for improvements. 

Marketing Strategy 

A marketing strategy is a comprehensive plan to increase revenue and market share for dental practice. A marketing strategy will help you identify your best customers, understand their needs and implement the most effective marketing tactics to achieve your goals.

Budget Development & Management 

Once we define the marketing strategy and supporting tactics we put together an estimated projection of costs required to promote your dental practice. Each month the marketing budget is reconciled and we send you a budget report. 

Monthly and Quarterly Reporting

At the end of each month you will receive a custom report with results from your marketing campaigns. You will receive these reports both monthly and quarterly with recommendations of how to improve your campaign. 

FREE 30 Minute 


Your practice and marketing needs are unique. Contact us for your free no obligation consultation. 

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