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Customer Service Training

Customer Service Audit

We perform a full customer service audit, from in practice observation to call tracking. We spend time reviewing your customer service strategies and provide best practice recommendations to deliver best in class customer service to your patients. 

Call Tracking 

Call tracking is a vital competent of your marketing strategy and campaign success. We assign a unique “call tracking” number to your campaign; you can choose either an 800 number or a number with your local area code for a more down-home feel. All calls to that number will be routed to your usual business number, so you and your staff won't have to change up a thing. Plus, you can listen to recordings of all the calls to see how well your staff are handling leads! 

Staff Training 

We offer staff training which is guaranteed to teach your staff best in class customer service strategies to ensure all patients are surprised and delighted by your unique brand of dentistry.

FREE 30 Minute 


Your practice and marketing needs are unique. Contact us for your free no obligation consultation. 

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