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Your Reputation Matters! 7 Essential Reputation Management Tips For Dentists

Managing your reputation online has never been more important. Many Dentists are so busy taking care of their patients and running their practice they tend to neglect their online reputation. I once worked with a client who had so badly neglected their reputation online that on every business listing her practice was rated an average of 2 stars and for years she was unaware.

It's critical that you consistently monitor your online reputation so that you can take actionable steps to to rectify any poor ratings or feedback or celebrate and showcase your success if you're indeed rated highly. I've put together an infographic entitled '7 Essential Reputation Management Tips' that provides some guidance on this topic. Download a free copy here so you can reference these tips when needed.

Use my free tool to see how your patient reviews compare to your competitors. If you have any questions or would like to have a consultation please contact us.

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