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Advertising & Media Buying

Denteo Marketing Group offers dental marketing expertise and and advertising and media buy expertise in the DC metro area. Leave it to us to handle all aspects of advertising and media buying. We know this market, the publishers, how to negotiate the best rate and how to track the results and make adjustments so you get the most out of your marketing investments. 

Media Research & Planning 

Behind every successful advertising campaign is strategic media planning and research. We look at your current media mix, analyze what you are doing today and develop a plan to help you achieve your campaign goals. Once your goals are determined, we deliver recommendations based on target demographics, ZIP code information, and in-depth market analysis. 

Media Buying & Contract Coordination 

Media Buying involves the negotiating, purchase and placement of the media plan. Based on the Media Strategy, we will negotiate with various media outlets for the best rates and placements of the media plan. At the same time, we will be working with the media reps to identify opportunities for "added-value". We also coordinate the contract process with the vendors.

Campaign and Creative Development 

The creative strategy used to communicate a marketing communication message is an integral part of the promotional process and is often critical to the success or failure of the campaign. We brainstorm to come up with the most creative and relevant campaign that will deliver results. 

Campaign Execution and Tracking

We execute the campaign based on the media plan and track the results and provide recommendations to improve the campaign where applicable. 

FREE 30 Minute 


Your practice and marketing needs are unique. Contact us for your free no obligation consultation. 

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