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5 Reasons Dentists Should Outsource Marketing

Marketing and branding are an important part of your dental practice's survival, stability and growth. But who should take care of them?

As a dentist and a business owner you certainly cannot do it all yourself. You could task your office manager or you could hire an in-house marketer. Or you can outsource your marketing and brand communications to an external agency.

Here are six reasons we think choosing a marketing agency like Denteo Marketing Group makes sense if you're a dental practice located in the DC metro area.

1. You Save Money

Because you’ll be hiring a marketing agency, you won’t need to worry about the overhead costs associated with taking on an employee such as recruitment fees, insurance, 401K, office space and so on. You pay a fixed price each month, and get a true expert at your disposal. It makes managing cash-flow easier, and if for any reason you need to cutback, you can do so quickly without the worry of additional costs.

2. You Hire A Marketing Expert

When you hire a marketing agency you hire a trusted marketing expert. If you task your office manager or hire an in-house marketing associate you are leaving your marketing strategy and execution in the hands of someone who is not a true expert. Denteo Marketing Group has 15 years of marketing experience. We live and breathe marketing. We keep up to date on the latest trends and developments in marketing.

3. You Get Versatile Marketing Expertise

Hiring a marketing agency will usually give you a multi-disciplinary team. Even a small agency such as ours has a wide selection of expertise available at a moment’s notice. With skills ranging from strategic planning, design and web development, through copywriting, to photography, we have a broad range of skills to work with, and are quick to adapt. And, if there’s a particular skill set we don’t have in-house, we can call upon a network of specialist agencies and freelancers to quickly provide what we need.

4. You Get Return on Your Investment

When you hire a marketing agency, you have a guarantee that you are hiring a team with total marketing expertise. At Denteo Marketing Group, we know dentistry, marketing best practices and are metrics driven. This means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel and waste money on 'test and learn' tactics. We know what works and doesn't work because we have active experience. We exclusively work with dental practices so we know what tactics work and what tactics don't work. We use a variety of tracking tools to assess the success of the work we do. If something is working well we have the data to back that up and if something is not performing well we make necessary adjustments to improve the work.

5. You Get A Dedicated Professional

As a dentist and a business owner there's nothing better than knowing you have dedicated professionals helping support your business. When you outsource your marketing to an agency, you can be rest assured that your marketing investment is in safe hands. At Denteo Marketing Group, we not only develop your marketing strategy, we can manage the marketing budget, all the vendors and use data and analytics to make adjustments in real-time. Marketing a dental practice is a full time affair and should never be an after thought. Don't leave marketing to chance and in the hands on folks that are not experts. You'll lose money and you'll lose it fast. Marketing may be an investment but it is a necessary investment that if managed wisely can reap incredible long-term benefits for your business. If you would like to speak to us and find out more about what we do and how we can help your dental practice grow please contact us!


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